MuMetal Toroidal Cores       


Magnetic Shields manufacture and supply strip wound mumetal toroidal cores to Industry across the globe. Our high accuracy current measurement cores are manufactured from premium quality MuMetal , Grade ASTM A753 Alloy 4. This grade of MuMetal offers the highest levels of permeability with exceptionally low coercive forces and magnetic losses.

Magnetic Shields Limited are proven experts in MuMetal magnetic shielding, with nearly sixty years of experience in specialised hydrogen magnetic annealing and magnetic shield fabrication.

Utilising our experience in hydrogen heat treatment, we are able to maximise the optimum magnetic properties of our toroidal cores to provide a high quality specification. Our extensive stocks of material, winding and heat treatment facilities allow for fast deliveries of singular samples or production volumes. 

Typical applications of strip wound MuMetal cores are in power transmission systems, rail networks, and in conjunction with phase balancing software in sensitive 3 phase installations to achieve maximum machine efficiencies.


In addition to the manufacture and supply of these cores, Magnetic Shields Limited represent Magnetec GmbH in the UK, and can offer all of their extensive range of wound products in both crystalline and nano-crystalline materials.



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